The traditional Venetian recipes

grilled eelAmong our culinary there are the typical recipes of the Venetian tradition of fish, such as "sarde in saor", "poenta e schie" and "sepe col nero", and of meat such as " Venetian liver" and "masurin in tecia", always with fresh seasonal products and genuine, to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

ducks in foilOur recipes, revisited and personalized by our chefs, range from traditional Venetian cuisine to those typical of our area, with the flavors and the colors of the folklore of farmers and sailors of Brussa and Caorle. According to the seasonality of fishing and hunting, we offer very tasty and original dishes, like "Grilled eels" and "Ducks in foil".

sautéed fishEach week proudly, in addition to the daily menu, we propose themed dishes, such as "Gran Bollito", a mixture of different cuts of beef and pork boiled, or the "Spadellata di pesce" , homemade pasta topped with abundant crustaceans, molluscs and vegetables and served directly in the baking pan.

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